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"Our Most Important Product is Human Dignity"

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Residential Services

Shelby County Community Services, Inc. has an array of individualized residential services designed to meet the diagnosed living needs of the clients. Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) as well as an Independently Controlled Living Arrangement which meets the requirements of Medicaid Mental Health (Rule 132) are two of the residential services offered.

The goal of this program is to maintain an individual's opportunity to reside in an apartment, home or group home throughout Shelbyville and Shelby County.

Services offered in these settings include:

  • Intermittent and or 24 hour supervision and support,
  • Crisis Intervention,
  • Daily living skills training/support services,
  • Case Coordination and linkage services to needed support serves, treatment, planning or other residential alternatives, and payee linkage services.


An individual receiving services in a CILA shall be at least 18 years of age, have a mental disability and be in need of an array of services and a supervised living arrangement. If an agency does not have the capacity to accommodate the individual's particular type or level of disability, this does not render the individual ineligible for CILA services.

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