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Shelby County Community Services, Inc.

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"Our Most Important Product is Human Dignity"

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Manufacturing / Production Facilities

Shelby County Community Services, Inc. (SCCS) maintains two manufacturing plants. One is located at 1810 West South Third Street in Shelbyville, Illinois and the other is located at Main and Railroad Streets in Findlay, Illinois. The primary purpose of both facilities is to provide vocational training and employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities or other applicable handicaps to employment.


  • Vocational Evaluation or assessment of vocational skills,
  • Work adjustment training. The development and improvement of work skills, work habits, and work/personal attitudes,
  • Work Services. Provision of continued training and counseling for trainees who have completed the work adjustment training phase but have not achieved levels for community employment,
  • Placement Services provides experience in the facility Vocational Counseling and Training, Educational services, referral to community services, placement services, and competitive job placement to handicapped individuals who demonstrate a readiness for competitive employment in the area wide community,
  • Follow up services after competitive placement made.


  • Any developmentally disabled adult meeting facility admissions criteria who demonstrate ability to meet and maintain a production rate of at least 40% of Industrial Minimum,
  • Must demonstrate positive work behaviors and attitudes,
  • Must display capacity for acceptable personal and social skills.

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