Shelby County Community Services, Inc.
Shelby County Community Services, Inc.

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"Our Most Important Product is Human Dignity"

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About Us

The purpose of Shelby County Community Services (SCCS) is to provide and promote mental health and rehabilitation programs for the residents of Shelby County, Illinois. Our commitment spans over forty years from a modest beginning stemming from our county residents seeing and meeting a need for mental health services in the area. Since then our focus, capacity, and abilities have all expanded to strive for inclusion of all our underserved and disadvantaged neighbors in our community, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, national origin, financial means, developmental disability, mental disability or illness.

Our services include:

  • Respite Services, that strive to keep families together and engaged with their developmentally disabled loved one, while providing a dedicated team assisting individuals with daily living, socializing, and learning, and attending to their specific health care needs.

  • Activity Center Program, dedicated to providing a positive supportive environment to help those who are seriously and chronically mentally disabled maintain and learn new strategies for managing their mental illness, learning community life skills, interacting socially with others, and facilitating as far as possible integration into the community.

  • Developmental Training Program, provides skills training for adults with developmental and mental disabilities resulting in serious functional skills deficits with the skills, allowing each individual to maximize their potential and function as independently as possible in their daily lives.

  • Residential Services, offering Community Integrated Living Arrangements and Supported Living Arrangements designed to meet the specialized diagnosed needs of our clients. These housing options allow the most independent environment possible, while providing families and clients the assurance that support staff are available to meet the physical, emotional, and health care needs of those that live under our care.

  • Manufacturing / Production Facilities, a primary goal of which is to provide vocational skills training and employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities or other applicable obstacles to employment. Our production facilities manufacture paper plates, plastic film, trash bag liners, and food-grade plastic bags. We also provide warehousing and distribution services for these and related products for the state of Illinois. Our Greenhouse produces various ornamental flowers and vegetables throughout the year, and specializes in growing pot mums and asters for autumn, and poinsettias for Christmas.

  • Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, to provide professional psychiatric, psychological, and counseling services to individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as consultation and outreach education to other local agencies, groups, and professional and community organizations.

  • DUI and Substance Abuse Services, dedicated to helping persons who are experiencing problems with drug and alcohol addictions, whether with co-occurring mental illness or not. Individuals are offered counseling, education and recovery treatment options, socialization and skills training, and potential employment in our production unit.

At SCCS, our motto is "Our most important product is Human Dignity".

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